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B.A. Amerikanistik

B.A. Englisch

M.A. Amerikanistik

M.A. English Literatures

Master of Education Englisch

M.A. Linguistik - Offered at the Institut für Deutsche Sprache und Linguistik, in collaboration with other institutes and faculties



If you are interested in English and/or American language, literature and culture, you can choose between BA Englisch and BA Amerikanistik, and whether you want to become a teacher or not. Note: only BA Englisch offers teacher’s training.


BA Englisch

BA Amerikanistik

  • Linguistics
  • English and American Literary Studies
  • English and American Cultural Studies
  • Applied Language Studies
  • Optional: Fachdidaktik
  • American Literary Studies
  • American Cultural Studies
  • Linguistics
  • Applied Language Studies 




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