Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

M.A. Amerikanistik - American Studies


The Master Program in American Studies at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin encompasses an interdisciplinary curriculum that can be completed in four semesters. The program conveys expertise in cultural and literary scholarship and aims to impart a comprehensive understanding of its central aspects:







The Master Program is designed as a consecutive program that comprises the fields of literary and cultural history, literary and cultural theory, as well as in depth studies of questions of identity formation and "American Identities". The program's center of attention lies on cultural diversity, both as a theoretical question and a social reality, focusing particularly on gender and ethnicity. Furthermore it engages in discussions of media, both in their history and in their present formation, and the consequences of media revolutions in North America.


Modules in the program:

MA AMERICAN STUDIES - The Modules. An Introduction

Modules in the program 2014 (Studienordnung 2014)

topics classes
American Studies: Literary and Cultural History and Theory 
2 SE, UE
Reading American Literature and Culture 
Intercultural Relations  UE/SE, SE, SPJ
American Identities  2 SE
Diversity  2 SE
Mediality  UE, SE, UE
Master Thesis   
Research and Writing Skills  SE, UE, BSST
Individual Focus I 
Individual Focus II 
2 SE
2 SE

SE = seminar, UE = excercise, LU = teaching experience, ST = self study, SP = student project, KO = colloquium