Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

M.A. English Literatures

The four-semester Master's programme is designed to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of English literatures and cultures and a methodological approach to literary studies.

Curricular modules are designed to enhance critical understanding by exploring texts in their historical and cultural context, in their interaction with other literatures, and from a variety of relevant perspectives, including historical scholarship and aesthetics, close textual analysis, and contemporary literary and cultural theories and poetics. Literary texts are studied as works of art, and as configurations of historical and media-specific fields of transformation. Literature is seen as a productive agent in the formation of the cultural knowledge of a society and of the individual self-conceptions of its members.

The M.A. is a taught Master's programme, yet at the same time it places a strong emphasis on self-conducted research and project work. In general classroom instruction is conducted in English. Additionally the programme includes special English Language modules.

The programme is designed to prepare and qualify for employment in the cultural professions and the media, academic posts as well as for a broad range of jobs requiring sophisticated competences in the writing of texts, in organisation, and communication. The degree is granted on acceptance of a Master's thesis.

There are interdisciplinary links to the MA programmes of European Literatures and Gender Studies.


Modules in the programme:


topics classes
Writing Skills: Essay Composition/Text Production 2 UE
Writing Skills: Textual Competence 2 UE
Authors, Periods, Genres SE, LSE
Texts, Contexts, Cultures: Media and Cultural Communication SE, LSE
Texts, Contexts, Cultures: Literature and Systems of Knowledge SE, LSE
Literary Interactions SE, LSE
Texts and Theories SE, LSE
Research Colloquium KO, ST

SE = seminar, UE = excercise, LSE = reading seminar, ST = self study, KO = colloquium


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