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Since the winter term 2012/13, the Department of English Foreign Language Education has been operating a professionally equipped video lab, co-funded by the Professional School of Education (PSE) and located in the PSE’s premises at Hausvogteiplatz 5-7.

Over time, the video lab has considerably been enlarged and converted into a multi-media learning lab (including rehearsal stage for drama-pedagogical activities, multi-touch table and e-learning resources) in close cooperation with the Institute of Computer Sciences. The video lab can consequently be used for various purposes in the fields of foreign language learning/teaching and professional development. It offers the opportunity to make multiperspective and high-quality video recordings of classes of up to 30 people.The videos can be screened and evaluated immediately after recording. With the upcoming summer term 2018, a newly purchased digital recording system will enable users to even refine recordings by the technique’s state of the art.


Currently, the video lab is primarily used for microteaching activities within seminar groups, for a series of collegial coachings with Berlin primary school teachers in cooperation with the German Centre for Mathematics Teacher Education (DZLM), and a student-led tutorial. As part of the Master of Education English (M.A. Ed. English) programme, the tutorial is designed to give video-based feedback to students who are preparing for their school placement and highlight certain aspects of their teaching personality. However, it may as well be used for further undertakings such as exam training and the promotion of innovative formats within the local teacher training programme. As we are constantly striving to expand the video lab’s technical possibilities, the production of so called “explainity clips” by students of the M.A. Ed. English programme is a prospective option for realisation as well.



Dr. Katrin Schultze (research assistent):

Head of the department: Prof. Dr. Stephan Breidbach:



Hausvogteiplatz 5-7, room 0122, tel: 030/ 2093 - 46898.