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English Studies

The English Studies Department focuses on literary and cultural studies. In our programmes we explore the various expressions of British literature and culture in their historical and cultural contexts from the Middle Ages to the present day. We are convinced that

Tower Bridge (by Stefanie Brunn)
Tower Bridge (by Stefanie Brunn)
the texts of the past continue to have an impact on the present. In order to understand contemporary literature and culture it is necessary to also investigate their roots – even back to antiquity. Literary texts are studied as works of art, and as configurations of historical and media-specific fields of transformation, which requires a thorough understanding of gendered knowledge production, political systems and transformation processes (for example with respect to postcolonial contexts or situations of migration and cultural contact) or of media-specific, religious and other conceptions of life (e.g. in life writing).

Our particular interests include Medieval and Early Modern literature and culture, the 18th-century, Modernism, Postmodernism and life writing as well as Gender and Postcolonial Studies. These interests are reflected in our research as well as in the Bachelor and Master programmes we offer, including the degrees in BA English, MA English Literatures and MA Education. In addition the department is also involved in the MA European Literatures as well as the BA and MA Gender Studies degrees.



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