Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

HUbbub - The Woman in White

Hubbub, the theater group of the Department of English and American Studies at the HU
Berlin, would like to cordially invite you to our latest play: The Woman in White (performed
in English) as a stage adaption of Wilkie Collins’ classic novel.

Walter Hartright, a young artist, accepts a position as a drawing teacher in Mr. Fairlie’s house in Cumberland. On his way from London, Hartright meets a woman - “dressed from head to foot in white” - terrified of someone, carrying a distressing secret. Soon afterwards, Hartright and Fairlie’s beautiful niece Laura fall in love, but their love is overshadowed by Laura’s promise to marry the devious and secretive Sir Percival Glyde. The ‘woman in white’, whom Hartright met earlier, tries to warn Laura about Percival. But how well does she know him? Is Glyde truly who he seems, or is he a villain? And what are his mysterious friend Count Fosco’s intentions? Find out in this mystery thriller with unexpected revelations.

Featuring: Romy Schreiber, Linda Bunkus, Ramtin Moshtaghi, Marc Backhaus, Andrew Johnson, Bianka Kretschmer, Katrin Frisch, Sophie Arts, Mareike Augustin, Dorothea Sawon, and Martin Klepper.

We will be performing daily from 30-31. Januar und 1.-3. Februar 2013 at 19:00 Uhr

in the ACUD theater in Berlin-Mitte (Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin, near U8 Rosenthaler
Platz, S1 Nordbahnhof).

Ticket prices are: 8 € / 5 € reduced (students/ seniors)

For ticket reservations and questions, please send an E-Mail to:
Please include your name, the number of tickets, the date you would like to attend, and an E-Mail address. You will receive a reservation confirmation.