Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Research areas:

As a trained general and English linguist (Ph.D. Göttingen, 2012), I investigate semantic and pragmatic properties of natural languages with a focus on English, German, and Chinese, using theoretical linguistic and psycho-/neurolinguistic methods. In addition, I am interested in their interface with syntax and their bearing on language acquisition and philosophy of language.


Languages: Wu, Mandarin, English, German, French


Educational background:

1996-2000: B.A. in English (Nanjing Normal University)
2003-2007: M.A. in English/General Linguistics/French
(University of Göttingen)
2007-2011: Ph.D. in English Linguistics (University of Göttingen)


Current and past positions:

04/2019-present: Junior professor in linguistics, Department of English and American Studies, Humboldt University of Berlin
10/2018-03/2019: Senior researcher and lecturer in linguistics, Institute of Cognitive Science, Osnabrück University
12/2017-04/2018: Visiting scholar, Department of Linguistics, University of Chicago
08/2013-09/2018: Researcher and lecturer in linguistics, Institute of Cognitive Science,
Osnabrück University
2012-2020: Associate member and principle investigator of the project
“Projective Meaning” within the priority program “Cognitive Studies from Interdisciplinary Perspectives” funded by the Chinese National Social Science Foundation, Peking University
10/2012-07/2013: Parental leave
04/2012-09/2012: Replacement professor in syntax, English Department, University of
02/2009-01/2012: Researcher in linguistics, English Department, University of Göttingen
02/2007-01/2009: Researcher in linguistics, CRC441, University of Tübingen


Scientific boards:

2017- Member of the Steering Committee for the DFG-SPP
2019- Member of the Commission for Research Data Management, Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, HU Berlin