Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Recent and upcoming presentations

Metaphors as register markers

(* = invited talk)

  • ‘Extended metaphors’, Workshop ‘Computational approaches to metaphor and figurative language’, Bochum 2024
  • ‘Metaphor and metonymy as markers of register variation’, New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV) 51, New York 2023
  • ‘Testing the Continuity Hypothesis: A decompositional approach’, Workshop ‘Discourse studies and linguistic data science 2’ (DisLiDas), Vienna 2023 (with Debopam Das)
  • ‘Metaphors as register markers’, 56th Annual Meeting of the SLE, Athens 2023.
  • ‘The RST Continuity Corpus’, The 17th Linguistic Annotation Workshop, Toronto 2023 (with Debopam Das).
  • *‘Signalling discourse relations’, Fred Jelinek Seminar series, Charles University, Prague 2023.
  • ‘What counts as a discourse signal?’, Workshop ‘Signaling discourse relations: Exploring (non-)connective cues’, Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, Cologne 2023 (with Debopam Das).
  • ‘What metaphors don’t say: register marking via metaphors’, Conference ‘What words don’t say: Intercultural, cross-cultural and societal aspects of (in)direct communication’, Università della Calabria, Cosenza 2023.
  • ‘Register, genre, style, and all that’, Workshop ‘Register, Genre and Style’, CRC 1412 Spring Retreat, Berlin 2022.
  • ‘Metaphor as register markers’, Workshop ‘Metaphors and stance markers in register variation’ (MeStaR), Berlin 2022.
  • ‘Metaphor variation across registers in German’, Researching and Applying Metaphor (RaAM) Conference, Bialystok 2022.
  • ‘Metaphor annotation for German’, LREC 2022, Marseille 2022.
  • ‘Testing the Continuity Hypothesis: evidence from corpus analysis’, Workshop ‘Discourse studies and linguistic data science’ (DisLiDas), Jerusalem 2022 (with Debopam Das)
  • ‘A corpus annotated for metaphor in German’, DGfS-CL, Tübingen 2022.