Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


  In addition to the courses listed below, Prof Dr. Boesenberg has given the
lectures on American Literary History I as well as the seminars on Reading
American Literature and Culture in the past winter semesters and
American Literary History II in the summer semesters.
SoSe 08 Colloquium Bachelorarbeit
Das Geld in Literatur, Geschichte und Politik
WiSe 07/08 Hybridity in Theory : Transcending Binary Models of 'Race' and Gender
"Clothes Make the Man": Sartorial Identity Constructions and Social Conflict
SoSe 07 Critical Whiteness Studies
US American Drama before World War I
Contemporary African-American Writers
WiSe 06/07 Feminist Literary Criticism
The 'Oriental' Writes Back: Asian American Women Writers in the U.S.
Into Modernity: U.S. American Literature and Culture around 1900
SoSe 06 Rewriting Race and Gender: Intercultural Couples in U.S. American Literature
The Turbulent Decade: U.S. American Culture in the 1960s
WiSe 05/06 Eugene O'Neill and the Beginnings of Modern American Drama
The Red Decade? U.S. American Literature and Culture in the 1930s
Sports in U.S. American Culture
SoSe 05 Perspectives on Slavery
Modernism Reconsidered
Money and Gender in U.S.-American Culture