Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dissertations Supervised








  • Sabine Blackmore: "The Vaporous Sex": Weibliche Melancholie in Gynotexten des frühen 18. Jahrhunderts (with Prof. Lobsien) 2013
  • Maria Olive Alexopoulos: The Affective Temporalities of Intimacy: Lesbian Feminism and Contemporary Fiction (with Prof. Kilian) 2017
  • Nathalia Saliba Dias: Time and Eroticism in Nabokov's Ada (with Prof. Naiman) 2019
  • Roman Barton: The Making of the Sympathetic Imagination. Transformations of Sympathy in British Eighteenth-Century Ethics, Poetics, and Fiction (with Prof. Lobsien) 2019
  • Anneke Lubkowitz: Haunted Spaces: British Nature Writing in the Twenty-First Century (with Prof. Lemke) 2019
  • Rebeca Araya Acosta: Compilation and Eighteenth-Century English Literature. Making Sense Beyond Genre and Discourse. (with Prof. Sprang) 2021
  • Eva Jenke: The Existentialist Romantic. A Modern Perspective on the Relation of Ethics and Aesthetics in John Keats' Poetry and Poetics (with Prof. Gigante) 2022