Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Cooperation between HU and King’s College London


We have a long-standing cooperation with King’s College London that involves members of staff as well as PhD and MA students.

We participate in the Joint PhD programme between HU and KCL.

Our research activities have so far centred on four main areas: life writing, cultural translations and border crossings, modernism and metropolitan cultures.

Here is a list of some of our (inter)disciplinary workshops and events:


The Art of (Dis)Location: Literary Figurations of Time, Space and Self (3-4 July 2019, HU)

Cultures of Work (8-10 May 2018, KCL)

The Interwar Years: Transnational Perspectives (11 May 2018, KCL)

The Interwar Years: Cultural, Political and Aesthetic Perspectives (22-24 February 2017, HU)

* Book launch: Life Writing and Space, ed. by Eveline Kilian and Hope Woolf, eds. (with the assistance of Kathrin Tordasi) (28 April 2016) (Flyer)

* City-Centric: Sexing and Gendering Urban Spaces (19-21 November 2015, HU) (Flyer)

* Cultural Translation across Borders (28-29 May 2015, KCL)

* Displacements, Transfers, Translations: In Memory of Stuart Hall (4-5 July 2014, HU)

* Modern Chronotopes (22-23 November 2013, KCL)

* Grids of Modernism (5-6 July 2012, HU) (Flyer)

* workhops on life writing both at HU and KCL in 2011 and an international conference at HU: Thinking Space: Explorations through Life Writing (2-3 November 2012)