Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dissertations Supervised


Dissertations in progress (alphabetical):

  • Fenja Akinde-Hummel: Black Diasporic Temporalities (of the City) (HU Berlin, English Studies, First Supervisor)
  • Daria Gaiduk: Outsideness, Defamiliarisation, Alienation. The Motif of Estrangement in Selected Short Stories of the 1980s-1990s (Europa-Universität Flensburg, Second Supervisor)
  • Thao Ho: Last Night I Dreamt of the Sun: Aesthetics of Remembrance and Embodiments of Resistance in Global Vietnamese Art Practices (HU Berlin, American Studies, First Supervisor)
  • Seyedeh Narges Noorani: Lost in Translation: Transgender Concerns of Anglophone Films in Persian Translation (Universität Konstanz, Second Supervisor)
  • Tijana Ristic Kern: Writing the Queer Self: Life Writing between Modernism and Postmodernism (HU Berlin, English Studies, Second Supervisor)
  • Alina Weiermüller: Ghostly Poetics: Liminal Aesthetics of Hauntig within Black Diasporic Relations in the US and Germany (HU Berlin, American Studies, First Supervisor)


Completed (by year):


  • Jasper Verlinden: Administering the Nation: Bureaucratic Governance, Racial Formation, and Multi-Ethnic American Literature in the Era of Assimilation and Exclusion (HU Berlin, American Studies, First Supervisor)


  • Jonah I. Garde: Trans*Geschichte(n) der Moderne. «Geschlechtsumwandlung» und ihre kolonialen Geister im frühen 20. Jahrhundert in Österreich (IZFG, Universität Bern, Second Supervisor)


  • Jessica Fischer: AGENCY. The Entrepreneurial Self in Narratives of Transformation: Debuting into the Literary Field at the Dawn of the Twenty-First Century (HU Berlin, GBZ, Second Supervisor)