Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Frequent lecturer in teacher training and university seminars, e.g. on

  • Never the Oval Office? From Eleanor Roosevelt to Michelle Obama—First Ladies and Their Social and Feminist Agenda" (Chemnitz and Rostock 2017; Speyer and Lüneburg 2018);
  • “Going Green – Education for Sustainability” and “U.S. Elections 2016” - the e-learning/blended learning projects (e.g. Fremdsprachentag Mainz, Sept. 2015; LandeszentralefürPolitischeBildung Wiesbaden, Sept. 2015; Wittenberg American Studies Committee Meeting, Nov. 2015, Amerikazentrum Hamburg, March 2016; LISUM Berlin-Brandenburg April 2019).
  • Additional topics include: public diplomacy; national identity; American Studies in the EFL Classroom; New Orleans: A Cross-Curricular  Internet-Based Research Project; Imagining (the) American Community(ies) in History; Youth and Identity in Music Video, Film and Literature, Politics and the Arts.