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Student Life

Below, you find some links that might make your life a little easier - especially if you're new to Berlin. We have tried to collect some info on the city and its attractions and institutions that have anything to do with the English language. If you know anything else to put up here, please mail the name and address to our webmaster. Thank you! 


Leisure Activities

  • Zitty (Berlin magazine)


British & American Stores & Cultural Institutions in Berlin

  • American Lifestyle, Attilastr. 177, 12105 Berlin
  • Broken English, Körtestr. 10 (Kreuzberg) or Leonhardtstr. 23 (Charlottenburg)
  • English Food Shop, Fechnerstr. 21 (Wilmersdorf)


Looking For a Tandem?


Living in Berlin


Studies Matter