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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities

Workshop 7: Commodifying Human Rights: American Economies of Life, Liberty, and Equality

Chairs: Christina Oppel / Anna Thiemann (Münster)

  1. Kathy-Ann Tan (Tübingen): 'Suffering Sells': The Commodification of Human Rights Narratives in the United States
  2. Claudia Deetjen (Bayreuth): Shapeshifter Commodities: Brian Jungen’s  Strange Comfort (NMAI 2009/2010)
  3. Pia Wiegmink (Siegen): Protesting Corporate Greed and “The Problem of Speaking  for Others”
  4. Sabine Meyer (Münster/Mainz): “This ain't the American dream, this is the Third World”: U.S. Capitalist Practices in Powwow Highway