Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin


INSTRUCTOR (at Humboldt University of Berlin)

Discourse Structure and Processing (Winter 2022-2023, Summer 2022 and Winter 2021-22)

This course provides an introduction to how discourse is structured, primarily through discourse coherence and discourse relations, and also to how discourse is processed by humans. Discourse is defined as the language above the level of sentence and also the use of language in context. In this course, we will learn about a wide range of phenomena included in the study of discourse structure and discourse processing from linguistic and psycholinguistic points of view. Students will read original and recent work in these areas. They will also examine different forms of discourse and analyze important aspects of discourse processing. The classes will take the form of seminars and include engaging discussions on significant topics in the field. The students will be evaluated based on their performance in a number of activities, such as writing summaries and reviews, and writing (and presenting) a short-term paper.

Course syllabus


Pragmatics (from Winter 2018-19 to Summer 2021)


INSTRUCTOR (at the University of Potsdam)

Coherence Relations (Summer 2018 and Summer 2017)

Human Discourse Processing (Summer 2018 and Summer 2017)

Foundations of Linguistics (Winter 2017/2018 and Winter 2016/2017)

Introduction to Discourse Analysis (Winter 2017/2018 and Winter 2016/2017)


SESSIONAL INSTRUCTOR (at Simon Fraser University)

LING 100: Communication and Language (Summer 2016, Summer 2015 and Spring 2015)

LING 160: Language, Culture and Society (Fall 2015)


THESES SUPERVISION (at the University of Potsdam)

Sept, 2017 – December 2017 Sebastian Golly (Bachelor’s thesis, Co-supervisor, University of Potsdam)

Sept, 2017 – October 2017 Danny Belitz (Bachelor’s thesis, Co-supervisor, University of Potsdam)