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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities

Prospective & New Students


New Students

We would like to welcome all new students to our department! Admission to the Humboldt -Universität is competitive and you should be proud of being part of English and American Studies here in Berlin. Our department is committed to maintaining a high standard in teaching and in student services.

We want you to be happy and successful in your studies, and here are some suggestions for you to help along:

  • Please attend the introductory meetings listed above. You will meet your fellow students, get to know your student advisor, and learn some essential points about the organization of your degree course. You can download an introductory PowerPoint-presentation here, containing very useful infos!
  • Please have a look at the information in these Internet pages - especially the links in the Students-section. You should also have a close look at the material collected for your individual degree course. Download your "Studien- und Prüfungsordnung" as it gives you the suggested time frame for your classes (Studienverlaufsplan) and a close description of all your modules. You will need it throughout your studies. See Courses for the offered classes or refer to Agnes, where you can click on the faculty (Sprach- und literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät), the department, and then your specific degree course. Your potential classes will be listed ordered by modules. If you have selected a specific class you will also find it listed on the pages of the instructor (whom you will find under Staff). There might be additional information there.
  • Whenever you have a question or complaint, please contact your student advisor or talk to a staff member. Our office hours are listed on the staff pages under our name. There are many possibilities to contact us: office hours, e-mail (although the popularity of e-mail varies among the faculty), through the secretary (see the staff lists of the individual sections), through the mail boxes (they are located adjacent to room 2011; it took some of us months to find them: be a good detective!) or even by way of telephone.
  • Get to know the "Fachschaft". You will see older students, who can help you and give you hints. But you can also become active and get involved in department activities and discussions. The Fachschaft also made a great "Ersti-Reader" which you shouldn't miss!
  • Look at the News page in this portal regularly to be informed about new developments.
  • Sign up for the department mailing list to be informed about deadlines and news here.
  • Don't panic! Almost every problem can be solved by talking about it. You will be surprised.

We are happy that you have joined our department and we will do all we can to make your time with us worth while. Your success is our success. Please help us bring it about!


ERASMUS students:

For advice within our faculty please refer to Stephanie Trigoudis. For specific questions, don't hesitate to speak to any instructor/professor of the department. If you are looking for more detailed information please refer to the Erasmus pages of the Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities. All advisors with their office hours are listed here. For your certificates with your ECTS points see Dr. Ilka Höppner. For specific modules for our Erasmus-students click here.

International students:

For advice within our department please see PD. Dr. Reinhard Isensee. For specific questions, don't hesitate to speak to any instructor/professor of the department. For questions about other departments or the university as a whole, as well as questions about admission, scholarships etc. please refer to the International Office.


Prospective Students

Welcome to our web pages! If you are interested in studying a degree course offered by our department, you are in the right place! Please browse our web pages to find whatever you are interested in. If you are not sure whether a BA Englisch or Amerikanistik is the right degree for you, think about the following questions:

1) Do you like languages, their sounds, structures, grammar, words and idioms? (Definitely a plus!)

2) Are you interested in foreign cultures? Are you curious? Do you want to know how it might feel not to be German (or whatever your own culture is)? (Also a plus!)

3) Do you like reading a lot? (You have to! There is a whole lot of reading in our courses! And, yes, it is almost all in English!)

4) Do you like abstract thinking? Do you like to ponder the most absurd theories? Do you like to theorize yourself? (A plus! That's what we do all the time!)

5) Do you like to talk about books (or films, paintings, essays, for that matter) and analyze them, describe them, find out how they are structured, think about what they do to the reader? (You will have to! That's our business!)

6) Do you like watching English/American movies? (It helps, but it is not enough!)

7) Was English a good and easy subject in school for you? (It helps, but it is not enough!)

8) Do you like to talk English and travel to the Grand Canyon? (It helps, but it is not enough!)

9) Do you think there is only one kind of truth in the world? (Definitely a minus! You will be annoyed by us!)

10) Do you think everything should be logical and plain? (A minus! Cultures are not logical!)

11) Do you want to know exactly what your profession will be, later on? (A minus! Very unlikely in our field!)

12) Do you want to earn lots of money? (Maybe you should rethink your choice of subject. This is usually not the fast track to affluence.)

If you passed this test, you might actually join us! We will be happy to get to know you and to welcome you to the department!