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While other disciplines lead to a specific career, our students can work in diverse fields. Graduates of British and/or American Studies work in almost every industry, e.g. in the telecommunication, production of consumer goods, consulting, trade and industry, financial service provider, publishing, and tourism sectors (employment in international organizations is less frequently than one might think). Mostly, your future employers will be German companies that operate internationally. The most common working fields are communications, marketing, organization and consultancy.

Many of our graduates work as interpreters, translators, teachers, cross-cultural trainers, editors of all kinds of media, journalists, web designers, technical writers, research assistants, brand managers, sales managers, public relations officer, customer relations and investor relations managers for companies, event managers, market-researcher, advertisers, and assistants of the directorate – or they work in the professional development, direct marketing, administration work, purchase, or human resources departments.

Your competence in the English language will be your main advantage – try to expand the skills that you need for your desired career by doing internships, studying some time abroad, getting working experience, learning other languages, and developing other skills, e.g. optimizing your computer literacy (volunteering also helps!). However, don't forget about the soft skills that you've acquired during your studies: you've learned how to give good presentations, how to compromise, write texts, manage your time wisely, behave confidently, and argue persuasively. On top of that, you surely will have a strong cross-cultural competence. Many of these skills can also be acquired at courses that are offered by the Federal Employment Office for university graduates (see link below).

For your orientation, we collected some links with lots on information about working - including student jobs, jobs for starters, and internships. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!



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