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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Language, Literature and Humanities

Development of Feedback-Culture

Teamwork is demanded in virtually all areas. How is it possible to let everyone profit from the team? Constructive feedback seems to be an answer, but how, and when,  do I give feedback? According to which criteria does this feedback occur?
In QT the participants take a good look at these questions, learn about different methods of communication, improve their listening skills and sensitize themselves about the difference between observance and interpretation.
Own videorecordings of the internship (teacher-training course) and on-topic presentations (non teacher-training courses) will be discussed by the group. The analysis will be processed by video and is analysed and validated again. Whether used later in school or an agency, all participants will have to deal with the criteria of group dynamics. They collaborate on the development of a compendium of constructive feedback-culture of the peer-group.

The participants are invited to contribute own ideas for the organisation of the tutorial. Students of all subjects are welcome.

Students of all subjects (except teacher-training courses) can get this LV cedited as BZQ. Teacher-trainees (bachelor and master): (1) with english as minor subject can get this LV cedited as "arbitrary LV" (2) The allowance for teacher trainees with english as major subject (BA) or English (MA) has to be checked individually. The allowance for other subjects will have to  be checked individually, too.

ATTENTION: The first meeting (introduction, resolving of data protection related questions, technical briefing) will take place monday, August 27th 2012, in UL 6R. 2004a.

Potential participants are requested to register with the tutor by mail at feedbackkultur@googlemail.com