Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Book series and Journals

Prof. Stephan Breidbach is managing editor of Mehrsprachigkeit in Schule und Untericht, a book series published by Peter Lang Publishing House. Manuscripts will be accepted in English, French, and German. MSU was founded by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bach and Prof. Dr. Dieter Wolff (†).

For a description of the serial in German, click here.


Prof. Stephan Breidbach is one of the general editors of Language Education and Multilingualism, a peer-reviewed, online, fully open-access research journal founded by LANGSCAPE. He co-edits the journal with Prof. Dr. Christiane Fäcke (Universität Augsburg), Prof. Dr. Marie-Fançoise Narcy-Combes (Université de Nantes), and Dr. José Aguilar Río (Nouvelle Sorbonne, Paris 3). The journal publishes original research in English, French, German, and Spanish. Other languages may be considered depending on the availability of reviewers. The journal went online in April 2018.